dinsdag 17 maart 2015


A spectaculair YESness

Yesterday I welcomed
My secret shyness
My hidden fear
My disguised insecurity

Once I lost track of them
A long time ago
When I decided they were the enemy

But they only turned out to be
My frightened self
And all they needed
Was my loving heart
They need to belong
To be allowed

Today I feel more whole
With fearful courage
Insecure wisdom
Bold shyness
Fabulous imperfection

I am all in one
A pretty package deal
With an average awesomeness
And extraordinary simplicity

Lucky me
I only have to allow my SASness
To bloom

And then
All will be well
As it always was anyway
Even without my knowing

I am going to develop
A spectacular YESness in myself

That will change everything
In what it always was supposed to be

And I am supposed to be me
As you are supposed to be you

Our collective YESness will do miracles!

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